Songs Produced by Alex Medina


Andy Mineo - Lay Up ft. wordplayed  (iTunes)

Alex Medina x Andy Mineo - I Can't Wait


Lecrae - Anomaly  (iTunes)

12. Give In (feat. Crystal Nicole)

RIAA Certifed Gold (Over 500,000 copies sold)

Billboard Music Award Winner - Best Christian Album (2015) 


Andy Mineo - Never Land  (iTunes)

2. Paisanos Wylin

3. You Can't Stop Me

7. Death of Me

Paisanos Wylin (Music Video)

You Can't Stop Me (Music Video)


Lecrae - Gravity  (iTunes)

3. Walk With Me (feat. Novel)

5. Falling Down (feat. Swoope & Trip Lee)

13. I Know

15. Lucky Ones

55th Annual GRAMMY Award  Winner — Best Gospel Album of the Year (2013) 


Andy Mineo - Heroes for Sale  (iTunes)

7. Bitter

11. Uno Uno Seis (also additional vocals)

Trip Lee - I'm Gone

Swoope — #Sameteam (Music Video)  (iTunes)

Additional Production c/o Alex Medina