Made with Sound Library One

There are so many talented people out there. Love that social media is way for us to connect. I have been overwhelmed by the response from producers to Sound Library One. I am glad it can help elevate their production. Many have already sent over what they have made using the kit. Here are some examples:


Produced by Nick Terlizzi


Produced by  Evan Stepper


Here's a track I started using the kit to show off it's sounds! 

More info on Sound Library One:

Sound Library One c/o Alex Medina (Drum Kit)

Sound Library One c/o Alex Medina is the beginning.

100 .WAV sounds consisting of 808s, Drum Loops, Hi Hat Loops, Kicks, Percussion, Snares, Synths, and Custom Vocal Samples. Here are the tools, now let's make new things. 

File Size: 163MB

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