Lecrae x Tori Kelly x Give In

Nashville, TN. June 16th, 2015. Where I Belong tour.

As a music producer, you work endless hours crafting and perfecting your sound with very little expectations  as to where the song will go. At the moment, it is just you and an audio form. It's about a groove and feel. You're entire being is locked into that precise moment of creation. I remember the excitement surrounding Lecrae's new album. I had submitted a ton of tracks and he had recorded to a couple. This process can be very draining as you work through the uncertainty of whether your song will ever see the light of day.

One night I walked into the studio and joined a symphony of producers knocking out tracks for Anomaly. My good friend and fellow producer, Gawvi asked me if could work on the drums for this track he had begun. I felt the pressure. I needed to knock it out of the park. I wanted to be on the album. Gawvi played me what he had worked on and 10 seconds into it I knew where I needed to take it. The foundation he laid was masterful. It was the perfect alley-oop. I just needed to finish the play. He e-mailed the track and I walked over to a secluded area, put my headphones on, opened up FL Studio, and went to work. Not much has changed since I began making beats in my parents home at 17. Wav after wav, kick after kick, I searched for the right sounds. 35 minutes later, I had it! I called over Gawvi, played him what I had worked on and he loved it. Slam dunk.

Fast forward to the video above...Watching Tori Kelly, who is arguably the biggest new artist in the music industry, sing a record you produced is quite an amazing feeling. Tori has been a fan of the 116 movement for quite some time now. It was dope to go to her show and hear music I've produced play all throughout her pre-show and transitions. Many times the journey is uncertain, you never know what life your work will take on or where it will go, but you keep working for the love it, just because. Providentially many amazing moments have happened throughout my career as a producer, but each moment is brand new. Each moment feels like I am back at my parents place framing the first check I ever received for making a beat. I hope I never get used to this  and that it never gets old.