The Making of Lay Up's Single Cover

We were out in L.A. for week working on Andy Mineo's upcoming album. At this point Andy had been sitting on a song that I had produced along with Tyshane called, Lay Up featuring wordplayed.

Side note: Many years ago Andy Mineo, wordsplayed, and myself were part of a traveling music and performing arts collective group, Truce. So to come together and work on something again was pretty special. 

Ok, back to Lay Up. All hands were on deck as we added final touches to the song. I made some changes to the melody, Andy and wordsplayed finished recording their verses, and naturally the song needed a single cover.

Photographer Mike Folabi was with us capturing behind the scenes shots of our work in the studio. So we stepped out side, found as white of a wall as we could, and got to shooting. The whiter the wall the easier the editing process would be for me. 

I got as low to the grown as I could possibly get in order to stay out of frame and did my best referee tip. After a few tries we got a shot that would work! 

 Original unedited shot by Mike Folabi

Original unedited shot by Mike Folabi

Mike e-mailed me the shot and I dumped it right into Lightroom for coloring using VSCO presets as a baseline. Once that was done I took it to Photoshop so that I can frame the image and perform some digital surgery.  


Final Cover

I used a subtle gradient from a light grey to an off white with a red tint. I edited out the writing on the basketball. Rotated Andy's arm. Centered the elements. And sent it off to Andy! He approved and that was that, easy buckets. 


 Bonus: Emoji Alternative Cover. It had to be done. 

Bonus: Emoji Alternative Cover. It had to be done.